A Labor of Love

We’re Brandon and Carly, and we started this brand in our garage with a little money we had saved and a screen printing kit we found on eBay. Through late nights and early mornings, we taught ourselves how to run a business. We didn’t have a lot, but we knew we wanted to build a brand that inspires and connects people.


In the early years, you could find us selling at every indie craft fair, maker market, on bridges and in parking lots. It was tough, but it was an education, and we learned the ropes and we grew a loyal following. Year after year we grew and built our own retail stores because we want each person to have an experience shopping with us.


Steel City represents more than just a location on the map, it’s the story of the American Dream, to build something that you’re proud of. We all have a story, we all love our family, our hometown and our sports teams. It’s what connects us and binds us together. It’s our mission to tell those stories through our clothing.

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