Falling in Love

“We were only teenagers but we fell in love.”

Every story starts somewhere. We’re Brandon and Carly and our story started when we met in the summer of our freshman year of college. We were only teenagers but we fell in love. A few years later we were married. People said we were crazy and we wouldn’t last. But we knew that with enough love in your heart you can accomplish anything.


You Are Crazy

“We didn’t listen.”

Early on, we dreamed about building something of our own. We put our heads together and drafted a plan to start our own company. The idea was to “sell what you know” by starting a clothing brand focused on vintage design and quality fabrics centered around our hometown: Pittsburgh. Again, everyone said we were crazy and it wouldn’t work, they said, “This is a small market town! How can you run an entire business only based on Pittsburgh?” We didn’t listen.


A Labor of Love

“We painstakingly poured over every detail.”

Now that we had the idea it was time to do something about it. We believe that great style begins with solid design (and a strong cup of coffee). We painstakingly poured over every detail. We sketched, sampled fabric, and eventually, we brought our clothes to life. We’ve always loved vintage graphics, super soft cotton and believe good business is all about great customer service. After all, if you’re not into making people feel special then you’re just noise.


Growing Up

“The first few years were rough.”

We packed up our minivan and traveled around to every craft fair, maker market, you name it, we were there. The initial response was underwhelming. Sometimes we’d only break even, other times we didn't even make enough to cover the gas to get there. The first few years were rough. “Maybe this idea is as crazy as everyone said it was…” we thought. We didn’t know if this business would survive, but we just kept showing up.


Growing Out

“The people we found became part of our family.”

Nothing worthwhile ever came easy. After years and years of selling on every bridge, parking lot and holiday market, the brand turned the corner and we were growing. Slowly, we grew out from our garage, hired a staff and opened our first brick and mortar store in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh. We knew we needed to find other crazy people like us. We searched for the best teammates, people who shared our same values and work ethic. The people we found became part of our family.


Family Business

“This is our family business and we take care of each other.”

The best part of Pittsburgh is its hometown feel and we keep that sacred in our company’s culture. We’ve always wanted to be the best company to work for. After all, if we expect our team to do great work, we have to provide them with a great place to do it. That's why we offer our team full health benefits, 401k plans, and profit sharing. This is our family business and we take care of each other.


Cool Stuff With Cool People

“What’s the point of working hard if it’s not fun?”

Over the years we’ve had incredible opportunities to work with some amazing people. What’s the point of working hard if it’s not fun? Some of the cool things we were able to do was rent out a movie theater and show the 90’s classic “Sudden Death.” Partnering with our friends at Iron City Beer, we were able to give away an entire throne of beer (about 1800 cans!) We also became official makers of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood merchandise. A dream come true! Like all Pittsburghers, we hope to be a little more like Fred each day.


Giving Back

“We’ve always felt it's up to us to take care of our neighbors.”

When you’re from Pittsburgh, you’re raised with a sense of being part of the “neighborhood.” Probably because Fred Rogers has such of a lasting presence here. We’ve always felt it's up to us to take care of our neighbors. We started the Pittsburgh Is Stronger Than Cancer foundation to help our neighbors that are battling cancer. Since then we have had the pleasure of working with Cam Heyward’s The Heyward House, The Mario Lemieux Foundation and Children’s Hospital.


Always Forward

“We don’t take that for granted.”

It is our mission to provide excellent service, unique products, and an exceptional experience to every one of our customers. Since the beginning, we’ve only wanted one thing: to be your favorite store. We’ve been able to come to work every day to do a job we love, in the city we love, with the people we love. We don’t take that for granted. Thank you for coming along this adventure with us.