Pop Art | June 2021

June's Tee Club honors the pop art of Oakland native, Andy Warhol. His philosophy that “Art is what you can get away with,” has guided my journey as creative director of Steel City. It’s been my privilege to design and curate all of the graphics on our tees, hoodies, hats and more for a growing audience of yinzers locally and across the country. For our company, that means taking bold chances on works of graphic art that hopefully speak to people on a personal level.

That guiding principal is what inspired Warhol to create some of his most iconic works of everyday objects like Campbell’s soup cans and Brillo pads. Sometimes, the simplest art is the most bold and compelling. For me, that principle means anyone can have a shot at creating something they’re proud of. If people enjoy it, then it’s good art.

Growing up in Pittsburgh, the city’s DIY attitude and grittiness of our industrial past inspired me and many others to roll up our sleeves and build something – Steel City is the result of that inspiration. And when you think about Andy Warhol’s pop art movement, it makes sense that it too, came from Pittsburgh; they’re both raw, loud and have little regard for rules. Just like his work, when people see iconic Pittsburgh memories, figures and history, they feel something. It’s that kindred spirit that you can only get away with here.

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