Yinz University


The word "Yinz" is the slightly less charming cousin of the word "Y'all." The definition of the word is simple, "Yinz" is everyone that isn't you. As most Pittsburghers know we are often the butt of jokes about how stupid our accent makes us sound. And maybe they're right, it does make us sound simple. But when you're from a city that has 6 Super Bowl Rings, 5 World Series Championships, is a pioneer in modern medicine, and cured friggin' Polio, you can talk however you want. 

Yinz University is on an exceptionally soft, heathered navy t-shirt. This tee has a textured look that adds to its vintage charm. 

  • Poly-cotton Blend
  • Standard Fit
  • Pre-Shrunk
  • This item is in stock and ready to ship
  • Ships the same business day (M-F 8-4)

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