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Pittsburgh is stronger than cancer

Together we fight to support those diagnosed with cancer and their families by donating 100% of this collection to local cancer relief charities.

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Steel City Brand’s campaign “Pittsburgh Is Stronger Than Cancer” was created in 2015, to support multiple cancer relief charities in the region. Since then the "Stronger Than Cancer" graphic has become an instantly recognizable icon in the Pittsburgh community. Each shirt represents a statement of solidarity with some of our most vulnerable neighbors that we’re in this together. That if you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us.

Emblazoned on every super-comfortable t-shirt is the phrase “Pittsburgh Is Stronger Than Cancer,” a proud statement of solidarity. And with each purchase, Steel City Brand donates 100% of proceeds. Since 2015, charities have received over $100,000 to provide support and relief for those diagnosed with cancer and their families. The impact of a potentially terminal illness is almost impossible to grasp, which is precisely why direct action like this is critical.